Why TriUS Consulting?

At TriUS Consulting, we focus on building partnerships with businesses in an effort to strengthen your ability to compete in today’s global market.  We personally get involved in helping equip you with the tools necessary for a successful future. We treat our clients as an extension of our family which means we are always looking out for their best interests.

Here are a few ways we show it…

Affordable Services- We offer much more than just “cookie-cutter” services with a standard cost. We handle every client as an individual to make their budget work for them.

Free Estimates – Don’t be fooled by other consultants. We recognize that our customers have a budget to consider. Our expert team can typically provide a free estimate for our services.

Unbiased Expert Perspective- Whether you lack the resources for a specific expertise or you’re too involved in the day to day  challenges to focus on the opportunities, our expert team is guaranteed to help.

TriUS can assist your company

  1. Does your company need help with OSHA compliance?
  2. Do you need assistance with an Environmental, Health, and Safety audit?
  3. Is your company spending a lot of money on employee injuries?
  4. Do you need some assistance with Environmental, Health, & Safety Training?
  5. Are Environmental Regulations like a foreign language to you?
  6. Is your Company unable to afford a full-time resource for Environmental, Health, and Safety?